Happy Wheels Demo

Happy_wheelsHappy Wheels is an awesome racing flash game developed by Jim Bonacci. Official website if the game is Totaljerkface.com. If you have never played this game before I will tell you why millions of people play it day by day. The first thing that make this game so cute is blood. Happy wheels is a racing game with elements of blood and violence, for example you character can break leg, arm, head or even die during the race, as there are a lot of obstacles in each level. Another thing that is really cute in this game is the variety of characters. Every character in Happy Wheels has it’s own vehicle and this vehicle are a bit funny. For example you can choose a wheelchair guy who has a turbo wheelchair, you can choose an Irrensponsible Dad or even Santa. All of them have different power, speed and skills, so try them all to find out who is your favorite.

Controls: Z = Eject, SPACE = Primary Action, Shift & Control = Secondary actions.

Logo1Happy Wheels offers a free Level Editor. This means that you can create your own levels and then play them. You can even play the levels created by other users or share your level with others, but only at the official website of the game. Here we have only Demo version of the game, but unlike the demos of other games, this is a really big and interesting version. More than 7 characters are available in it + up to 15 different levels, so I am sure you will spend great time playing even the demo version of Happy Wheels. The primary mission of the player is to reach finish line as fast as possible. But keep in mind that you should do it very carefully, because the levels are full of dangers and obstacles that can kill you.

Happy Wheels is a game for all. People all over the world have great time playing it, some even make funny videos and upload them to youtube. Hope you will also spend awesome time playing this violent,physics-based bloody game at our website. Have fun.
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